TLC Podcast #5: Writing As a Way of Being Part II, with Robert Yagelski


Rachel and the writers (including guest panelist Fadeke Adegbuyi!) welcome the author of Writing as a Way of Being, Dr. Robert P. Yagelski—or Bob, as we’ve come to know him. With Bob’s seminal work on valuing the experience of writing as a guide, the discussion ranges from the classroom to the office to the heart, in search of answers to one (massive) question: How can we write ourselves awake?

About the guest: In addition to having written one of our favorite texts, which you can find an excerpt of here, Dr. Yagelski is the author of Literacy Matters: Writing and Reading the Social Self, four textbooks on writing, countless articles, and a children’s book! He teaches at SUNY Albany, where is also the Director of the Program in Writing and Critical Inquiry. He formerly directed the Capital District Writing Project, part of the National Writing Project

Want more TLC? Join us this Friday, November 20, at 5:30 PM EST. The gang will tackle a writing assignment from Rachel to prep for this week’s conversation: How can writing lead into an idea, and help us explore the possible? Follow the prompt below or click the link for more detail, and make sure to join us Live to ask questions, share your experience, and hear from the panel.

TLC #6: The Omniscient Writer

Your prompt this week

  • Step 1: List 10 jobs you might have had if you’d had a different life. These can be dream jobs that you have no skills for, or a realistic option that you did not, for whatever reason, pursue.

  • Step 2: Choose one of these, and for thirty minutes, write about it. Why is it on your list? How would your life be different if this was your job? Why isn’t this your job? Maybe you list out pros and cons. Or you could choose to write out a “day in the life” of this alternate you. Maybe you end up writing about regret. Maybe you end up writing about hope.

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